How To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

05 February, 2015

There is no doubt that your business is using social media marketing to promote your brand, but the question is, how well and efficiently are you using it? You may be wondering how to identify the success of your strategy at the moment. Here are few questions that you could be asking yourself:

  • Are you generating leads from your current strategy?
  • Are you engaging in a conversation with your customers via your social media channels?
  • Is your fan base increasing steadily?
  • Are you attracting new prospects via your social channels?
  • Is your interaction rate with your fan base increasing steadily?

With these questions in mind, here are a few easy-to-follow tips for marketers to improve social media strategies and increase user engagement.

1. Content Is King

One of the most effective methods to improve your social media marketing is to attract new prospects via your social media channels by creating content that your fan base can engage with and share.

This is not such an easy task unless you know whom you are writing to. Who are your customers? What are they interested in? What type of information are they looking for? What are their current pain points? What are their goals and plans for the upcoming year? What stage of the buyer journey are they in?

Once you define this, in other words, your buyer's personas, it becomes clearer on what content to create. Don’t forget that content doesn't only have to be an article. You can use infographics, slide share presentations, videos, memes, tweets, jokes, reviews, ebooks, white papers, and more.

2. Be Consistent

According to the marketing adage The Rule of 7, a prospect needs to hear the advertiser’s message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to buy that product or service. With this in mind, you need a very well-structured strategy that maps the method by which you will communicate with your potential customer 7 times. This is where your variety of content comes in handy. Make sure that you provide your customer informative information using the different types of content or different platforms. Not only will you comply with The Rule of 7, but you will also position yourself as an industry leader. Consistent, informative, helpful content - always remember that.

3. Everybody Loves Visuals

With such an enormous variety of social media platforms to choose from, you must remember that everybody loves visuals. Reports have shown that the reading behavior of users online is changing, and there is not a great need for quick, easy-to-follow content. So what betters way to do this than share great visuals? Please take photos of your products or brand, and push them over social media. The outcome of this, if your visuals are creative enough, is the high share rate.

4. Integration

So you have created your content, and you have 4 or 5 different accounts on social media. Question: are they all integrated? Can your customers access all of these accounts from your website or blog? This is very important as this will increase how easy and convenient it is for your customers to share your content.

A good way to assess this is to ensure that your customers can access your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, google+, and more from your website and blog. Make it easy for people to listen and view your updates on their platform of choice by ensuring that you have cross-linking to other social media networks. This needs to be woven into all your platforms.

5. Encourage Customer Feedback

The best way to encourage your customers to provide you with feedback is by giving them a reason to do so. Incentives programs are a great way to do this, and usually, implementing and applying them is a straightforward task.

The key is to offer customers something of value that falls within your business model. For example, discounts and a chance to win a prize usually serve as great motivators. Everybody likes to win something! Plan and arrange several offers to be promoted throughout the year. See what works and build future incentives around those successes. Again, don't forget to be consistent.

Social media marketing is a constantly progressing industry. There is always something new happening, a new development, a new metric, a new approach, and a new expectation.

Try the above-mentioned tips and tricks, and let me know your results, comments, and thoughts. I would love to hear them. So please feel free to leave a comment below.

Also, if you would like more information on social prospecting, please feel free to download The Entrepreneurs Guide To Social Media Prospecting by clicking on the download link below.

I would love to hear about your social media strategy that generates leads and your thoughts about effective methods to improve your social media marketing.

Ranya Barakat

Ranya Barakat

Ranya is an entrepreneur with over a decade experience in pulling up her sleeves and getting S*** done. She is specialized in inbound marketing and inbound sales.

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