How to Increase your Content Through Social Media Effectively

15 June, 2021

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Social media is a given in today’s marketing. Presenting it as a novelty or something “you must know why to do it” would be entirely out of place, since its possible your brand has been present on them for a long time now, but… do you know how to use it to promote your content? Having a strong content strategy and using these mediums effectively can make or destroy all marketing efforts.

According to an Inbound Marketing strategy, visitors will arrive to your site on an organic manner and consume content they see there, but they will also perform other searches on other media such as social networks. In fact, 76% of users log into Facebook looking for interesting content, which is why, when the moment comes for them to get to know your brand, they will do it through a site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and reflecting the same enthusiasm and image you would do in person or on your website must be as important as any other attraction channel.

Here are some key factors you must take into account to promote content through these networks on the most effective way.

Be as Humane as Possible

It doesn’t matter how unexperienced someone is on social media, anyone can tell when an account has been completely automatized and there’s isn’t much of an effort behind it.

Using automation to publish a couple times a week is OK, nobody can be present always, but abusing it or using as the sole tool can make your account look like a content feed instead of your company’s account and keeper of your communities. Not only it will not look attractive, but users who arrive there won’t be as enticed to click on the content.

Have someone in charge of it. Share you contents with a quote and answer their questions using their name and direct question. No one trusts a “Your opinion is valuable for us, please send an Email to know more”, especially considering they need the answer right away.

Create Unique Posts for Each Network

To make content more attractive, it is necessary to appeal to each unique audience in Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Every network has their own personality, even if the same user is repeated, and offer content based on each and one of these can mark the difference that will attract the indicated public.

Facebook can support longer texts in their post, but if you think about it, grabbing the user’s attention in their large timelines isn’t easy. A well-known strategy is to appeal to the user’s curiosity and will to know more to stand out. This doesn’t mean to fall into Clickbait territory (which is an awful practice), but instead present a quote or stat that catches their attention or start a conversation with them. “Inbound lets you increase your leads at a lower cost, want to know how?”, that’s a good example.

Twitter, on the contrary, must go directly to the point, but don’t feel limited by the 140 characters. The option to add images not only makes your posts more attractive, but you can also use it as a brief of your content or even share an infographic for it to have better sharing capabilities.

It is important for you to know every single interest of your users in the media where you are present and learn what your prospects are looking for when entering your accounts. That way you’ll be able to customize your content the way they want it.

Republish based on the latest trends

There’s always a big talk regarding how Internet is the most temporal media around and how its content comes and goes and doesn’t stay for long, but that doesn’t mean that republishing content isn’t accepted or is considered a bad maneuver. Don’t forget your blogs aren’t news pieces, which makes them survive the passing of time and allowing them to resurface again if contingency validates it.

Let’s imagine President Trump proposes a new economic model for international trades. Many companies will start searching information on how they will be able to adapt and solve their new needs.

If you work in the logistics business, then this will be your best chance. If you have an ongoing Inbound marketing strategy then it is very possible you already have content about customs processes or tax reforms, and offer it through social media adapted to this trend with the correct keyword and hashtags will be your bigger attraction and conversion tool, since you’ll be targeting an audience desperate for solutions to your blog, and while it is always better to update old content, haring the old ones while you prepare a new one is always welcome.

Being in the right place at the right time can be the key factor when increasing your visitors, leads and customers.

We hope these tips help get better results on social media. Just remember to be human and always be there. By reading analytics and user behavior you might discover new things that your community will appreciate and increase your efforts.

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How do you share content in social media? What are you planning on changing? Share your experience with use!



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