Inbound Marketing and client experiences

12 October, 2016

Only a few hands were raised when asked if they knew what Inbound Marketing was. The date was Tuesday, October 11th in a special presentation held by the Centro de Experiencias y Servicios at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez within their Reunión de Intercambio forum titled “Digital Marketing and Client Experience” and as IDS, we went with only one goal: To have more hands raised by the end of the speech.

“Inbound and the New Trend in Digital Marketing focused on the Clients” was the presentation held both in English and Spanish by the co-founders of IDS Ranya Barakat, Ismail Aly, which showed the benefits which as an agency we have specialized in delivering, while at the same time working with a concept that disrupts the status quo of traditional marketing by offering a new vision and strategies for demand generation.

Ranya Barakat explaining the basis of Inbound Marketing

The concept of a Buyer Persona was the one that generated the most questions during the presentation. After a life used to create campaigns based solely on demographics, the idea of creating an ideal customer profile was a method that promised more results, but only by pumping more resources to the content creation department of digital marketing.

According to Hubspot, “these practices generate 54% more leads than traditional means”, which, even if it seems nearly impossible, was a concept that was detailed in the presentation, showing the Inbound Marketing Methodology that is used to make it happen.

The silent audience paying attention to this worldwide digital marketing trend in Chile started asking more questions when the Buyer Journey concept appeared, which is the foundation of the methodology we use. Attendees at the workshop at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez learned on this day that there is a successful alternative to the sales funnel, one that delivers results according to the Content Marketing Institute because “56% of marketers believe that personalized content promotes higher engagement rates.

The three keys to success

Just as Ismail explained to the attendees, Inbound Marketing follows the Buyer Journey, the active process of a buyer searching for a solution for a certain problem before deciding on one, which consists of three stages:

  • Awareness: The moment where the problem appears and the moment the user starts looking for solutions. Our goal is to offer help via tips and guides over offering a certain product.
  • Consideration: The user already recognized the problem and must find solutions. Our objective is to offer a wide variety of help options to generate trust.
  • Decision: Offer a real solution that appeals directly to his problem and would guarantee a future lead. It could be a free trial or something that works as a link between the two parts.

This way, a special bond is formed with the user, developing trust and possible lead generation. Of course, each one of these steps must be repeated with every Buyer Persona set as a target.

“But wouldn’t that imply that we have to create more than one personalized post inside my digital platform?” asked one of the attendees. “YES!” answered Ranya, “if you have three Buyer Persona as your target, you would have to create content for each  one at every step of the buyer  journey. This means at least nine.”

It is this extra work that ends up being rewarded by the users. Demand Metric found out in one of their studies that “82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content”.

After almost an hour, the presentation was over. Finally, those present could learn about one of the most important trends in Digital Marketing worldwide, and at the same time, we left with confidence knowing that, next time somebody asks what Inbound Marketing is, more and more hands will be raised.



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