IDS Inbound team now has all the f-ing HubSpot certifications 👊🏼

15 December, 2016

A total of 12 Hubspot certifications have been achieved by the IDS Agency team, the first Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales agency in Latin America to do this. 

From our cordillera view little office in Santiago, we develop strategies for companies that aim to grow and scale their business in North and South America. We started crafting Inbound solutions in early 2015 and since then haven’t stop growing. Today we have ten clients, and just a couple of weeks ago we acquired clients in Argentina and Mexico.  

So what are these 12 certifications and what are they about? 

  • Inbound Marketing: The methodology that attract clients, instead of running after them.
  • Contextual Marketing: Strategies based on consumer’s online behavior.
  • Hubspot Sales Software: Online platform to manage your company sales.
  • Hubspot Marketing Software: Online platform to manage inbound marketing campaigns.
  • Inbound Sales: Strategy that helps to match your client’s needs with what your company sale.
  • Delivering Client Success: Hubspot certify agencies that qualify as account leaders, this is, companies that manage their clients in a proactive way, and go further than just waiting for instructions.
  • Hubspot COS Design: Web optimization to transform a company’s site as a sales channel.
  • Growth Driven Design: Web design strategy that involves permanent improvements, according to site’s performance.
  • Developing a Sales Plan: Sales plan bonded to marketing efforts and aligned to client’s strategic goals.
  • Email Marketing: Content strategies boosted by email campaigns.
  • Content Marketing: Content strategies based on consumer’s interest and pain points.
  • Hubspot Agency Partner: IDS is the only inbound agency in Chile that is Hubspot’s Gold Partner, and one of the eight Gold Partner agencies in Latam.

What does this mean for your business?

Ismail Aly, CEO and IDS cofounder explains that “companies can increase their ROI through inbound marketing strategies that don’t involve a high expense to chase clients, but to optimize budgets by identifying and interpreting consumer’s needs through ideal clients (buyer personas), and from then creating campaigns that help brands to bond with their clients with informative and educational content”.

While, Ranya Barakat, IDS Content Director and cofounder, underlines that “above the tools and platforms, what inbound really offer to the market is an answer to one of the most common problems for companies: How to make marketing and sales to speak the same language? For decades, these two areas have been working under the same roof, but looking at totally different directions. Inbound believes that both have to work together and totally aligned because consumer experience is a comprehensive process that involve both areas. Only through this balanced combination companies can rely that their goals can be long-term assured”.  


Rodrigo Silva

Rodrigo Silva

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