Digital content strategy: How to repurpose your old pieces

15 June, 2021

Digital Content Strategy

Hours of research, drafting and writing. You've planned the use of keywords and Search Engine Optimization, sharing a blog that attracts visitors, turns them into leads and puts you as a reference in your industry. It was a great day of work, but... Does your work end there? Don´t be afraid to repurpose all your work into a new format.

Digital content repurposing is a common practice in Inbound Marketing and it's based on making the most out of a piece that has been published before and that was proven successful. Even if it sounds like reuploading, this consists in one simple concept: taking old publications and transforming them into a new one in a different format at a greater detail.

With repurposing you won´t just be able to make the most out of your work. You'll also be boosting other areas in your Inbound Marketing strategy, by increasing the content available on your site and even offer it as items to convert leads, increasing the quality and quantity of offers in your content strategy.

Some of the most common repurposing formats are:


A blog is written in a more direct, straightforward way with a fixed structure that makes it a unique material in its format. But this doesn't mean it doesn't have enough to be converted into a video.

After a simple conversion into a script, it turns into a direct, short format divided into brief snippets of information. All the data gathered for a blog can be replicated in this format, making it more attractive for the visitors.

Plus, users are four times more likely to watch a video than read a blog, so every single one of those prospects that entered into your site but aren't fond of reading will have the chance of engaging with your message.


This might not be used as a blog entry, but taking all the facts in an already written blog and turning it into an infographic can be an interesting offer to deliver in the lead nurturing process and diffusion.

In a world where infographics and informative comics are widely shared in social media, taking all your research and presenting it in a graphic medium doesn't just make the blog more attractive, but also your product or service, by delivering a comfortable and relatable format that included the company logo.

The same way, this content can also be shared with contacts through an email campaign to promote the blog, which will dive deeper on every single one of the points presented.


Unlike a video, a Webinar is an extensive informative discussion about a topic, and believe it or not, it is possible that you've got enough material for one in just one blog.

With enough understanding of the subject, and using the data you already have, you can create an entire online course about the topic with no greater effort than creating a presentation and streaming it live and on demand to your viewers. You'll be able to connect with them, they will leave their information, and become an automatic lead.

More Blogs

Writing a blog doesn't mean you can't use it again. Just like the industry evolves day by day, the information and sources you once used also change. 

A big part of the statistics you used can be updated with more recent figures. If you found a better quote or reference from an expert that further explains your point you can update the blog to make it even better. 

But just pressing the Update button isn't enough. The practice of spreading and sharing blogs once and again is accepted by marketing as long as it is justifie. Most readers that once clicked on the old one will be thankful they have more information.

Be Creative

Content repurposing can come in many forms, and they all depend on your needs and how you want to use it. 

PowerPoints, articles in magazines, graphic models, presentations, or anything can come from a blog. The better the research process was, the easier it will be to transform into anything you want.

Don't let this be limited to blogs either. You can use your videos and turn them into a blog, or take presentations and turn them into webinars. This work is yours and you can model it as you want.

Content repurposing is an amazing way to extend your content strategy and make the most out of the assets you already have. Don’t be afraid of giving it a try.

Do you have any experience doing content repurposing? Share your experiences with us.



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