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10 Tips for More Effective B2B Demand Generation

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Tips and Tricks for Demand Generation Success

Your service or product could be the best option in the market, or it might even be the best available option, but for people to be interested in it, it is mandatory to increase your demand generation while also nurturing your leads. To help you on this subject we’ve done a list of ten quick tips that can help you develop this area, which sometimes ends up overlooked.

Don’t stop nurturing leads

Both demand generation and lead generation are focused on adhesion, but they both work at the same time. You don’t focus on just one at a time, you must be creating interest in your product while also increasing your lead nurturing activities.
Don’t forget how important it is to deliver content, offer help and guide them towards a solution and through the whole sales process even after the deal has been sealed.

According to stats gathered by Hubspot, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost, which shows why both have to be kept close together at the same time, without letting go of either lead or demand maximization.

Check your rebound numbers

If a prospect enters your site but leaves immediately, it is considered a rebound. As a marketer, your role should be to engage tehm enough so they stay and navigatre for the longest time possible for your Inbound marketing strategy to be effective.

Keep your landing pages fresh

Even if visitors read your blog and know your Brand as one that helps, as long as they don’t become leads, it is possible they won’t become customers, which makes it important to always check what you’re offering.

Are your landing pages working? Have you double checked your eBooks so they’re still relevant?

These points could be key when they decide to give you their information and become leads, but also having interesting offers and new call to actions will increase demand by showing your site as an active one.

Check your language

Never forget about your buyer personas. If you’re selling a product or service for a specific market, talk to them in their language and focus on the pain points and challenges they face. If you think you’re doing it well but the numbers don’t add up maybe it is time to go back to the drawing room.

Check your actual customers and your qualified leads and compare them to the Buyer Personas you’re already using. Do they match? Are there patterns to follow. Maybe your prospects changed over time and it should be good to rethink your strategy.

Maximize organic visitors

We’ve been talking about developing content for people who already visits our website, but what if they are not logging in through organic traffic?

It is possible there might be a problem in your SEO strategy that is making you not appear in search engines when users are looking for a solution to their problem?

Check your keywords and all SEO tools you’re using such as internal and external references to make the most of it and go up in the Google charts, gaining an invaluable advantage in the most important traffic engine in the world.

According to a study done by, almost 73% of organic clicks done in Google come from the first page, and 56% of these go straight for the first option, which is there thanks to a good SEO strategy and is a spot that could be yours.

Improve social network presence

A good presence in social networks as Facebook or Twitter doesn’t always imply you need a Community Manager all day managing these networks, but it is mandatory for you to keep an organized plan of structured content and display management.

It is possible that, when people look for your products online, the first thing they will probably look for are your social media accounts, and because of this, they shouldn’t just have the company’s personal looks and works, but it also should look updated and with a certain level of a human touch in it, even it is just for sharing the blog’s content.

People tend to trust more in products and pages when they see there is a person working behind it, because if they see a page that is fully automatized it might even create a bad impression.

Email strategy

Although it might look like an outdated strategy, Emails are still a reach medium that can be useful when generating demand, but due to its bad practices and old format, extra care should be done when creating them.

Don’t build long emails or just centered around the benefits or your products, because they might be seen as spam. Use your Email marketing campaigns to offer help through Ebooks or just use it to keep in touch with your clients. 

Offer free trials or exclusive demos

We get it, offering stuff for free could be scary. Giving away your products or service for free will cost money and there is a chance that a high number of prospects will just get to this level, but our goal should be to have qualified leads that turn into customers, and letting them try your product for free is the best way to delight them.

Taking care of your current customers

One of the main differences between lead generation and demand generation is that in the latter, work doesn’t just end when the sales process is over.

Taking care of your clients can maintain the image your customers have of your brand and can improve trust with your name, but it also ensures they will give you more information for you to be able to develop future strategies with that qualified and ideal profile in mind.

High-quality content

The best way to achieve good demand generation is by maximizing what you’re doing in your blog, investing more in it and expanding what you’re actually offering inside.

Blogs, videos, infographics and whatever you can come up with could be key for other websites that share the same line, get interested and quote you, not only expanding its reach but also validating your product or service as a trustworthy one that will attract new prospects and keep current ones as future promoters of your good service, help, and resources you’re offering.

Do you think there are other tips that might improve demand generation? Leave us a comment and together we can build an even better list.

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