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15 Tips For Social Media Marketing

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15 Tips For Social Media Marketing

Social media is a trend that is not going to be fading away any time soon. It has in fact, turned into a necessity, and is no longer an option for businesses. More and more businesses are starting to utilize social media for marketing. This has given rise to the infamous term Social Media Marketing. 

The 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report recently released by Social Media Examiner takes a look at how marketers are using social media to grow their businesses. The report offers insight into what businesses can do to enhance the use of social media for marketing. Here are some of my favourite social media tips:

Tip #1: Always analyze what you’re going with social media. Keep a close eye on the how your customers are engaging with you. 

Tip #2: Don’t get stuck on Facebook marketing only. There are several other platforms that cradle very effective marketing solutions. Explore all your options.  

Tip #3: Go Mobile, everyone has a mobile, and everyone uses their mobile for information. Make sure your website has your social profiles integrated, and is responsive to the different browsers.

Tip #4: Invest some time online - Go online, read, write and share.

Tip #5: Develop a fan base so you can communicate with them.

Tip #6: Use three or more networks. Make a choice based on what your products needs - what works best for you? 

Tip #7: Plan ahead. Always have the next month in content planned for. Always plan what you will be discussing, when, and how.

Tip #8: Get engaged on the top platforms. Without engagement it's as is you are having a 1 way conversation. 

Tip #9: Facebook Is Still Vital, as is Email Marketing. Make sure share your emails on your social media.

Tip #10: Balance your marketing efforts. Use the different networks in harmony to deliver the same message in different ways. 

Tip #11: Tweet tweet, tweet tweet. Always tweet it. And always #hashtag it.

Tip #12: Paying for ads. Please make sure that you are allocating a suitable budget for your needs and requirements. 

Tip #13: Add Podcasting

Tip #14: Videos are on the rise. If the content is good, the video will be shared. 

Tip #15: Select and tone, stick to it, and most importantly, have fun online. 

So in summary, the best approach is to always apply a customized, well thought out social media strategy to your business and look out for what works best for your company. Each business is unique and the customer base for each business is unique. Test the different social media marketing methods you have used. Focus on trends and keep working on and modifying your social media campaigns. The Internet is always changing and to be successful you must be flexible to figure out what works best for you, while keeping up with the industry changes. 

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