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6 Linkedin Company Page Best Practices

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LinkedIn company pages best practices

As a business-focused social media site, wether you are looking for a job or lead generation Linkedin can help you in creating, cultivating, and sustaining business relationships. Check out the infographic below illustrating 14 amazing Linkedin Stats.

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Best Practices for your LinkedIn Company Page

More and more, LinkedIn, like Twitter and Facebook, is being used in integrated marketing plans.  It is also included in social media strategies being developed by many companies. 

In this Blog post I will focus on the top  6 Linkedin Company Page Best Practices to get the most out of it and generate more leads from LinkedIn.

1- Establish your presence

Design your page, and enlist your products & services. It is always a good idea to  design multiple configurations of your Products & Services page based on one or two of the following criteria: members’ geography, company size, seniority, job function, or industry.

Go beyond products
You can link to just about anything from your Products & Services page. Direct members to your latest and greatest white papers, case studies, or how-to content, infographics, etc.

If your company has a YouTube channel, embed product demos or customer testimonial videos that tell a compelling narrative about the value you offer.

2- Optimize your page for both humans and search engines

Use rich, descriptive language that helps readers understand your vision, purpose, and the value you offer.

Company Pages are very SEO-friendly. Google shows previews of up to 156 characters of your page text, so be sure your description leads with powerful, keyword-rich sentences.

3- Attract followers

Engage your colleagues, Encourage employees to add your company to their personal profiles.

Announce your Company Page to customers, and partners,  add a “Follow” button to your website, include linkedin company page URL on printed materials such as business cards using QR codes

4- Engage followers

Link to great content, LinkedIn U.S. survey-based follower report, January 2012 shows that company updates containing links can have up to 45 percent higher follower engagement than updates without links.

Be helpful and friendly, not too sales-y, post at least once per weekday, pick a proper time to post to ensure highest engagement which is usually from the morning till noon.

5- Amplify your brand

Use the recomend button on your website and your Linked in company products and services page. Using the Recommend button on your website lets visitors recommend your company’s products or services on LinkedIn with one click, site visitors to all their first-degree LinkedIn connections

Empower site visitors with LinkedIn accounts to share your content with their networks. Using the Share plugin turns every visitor into a potential promoter for your brand.

6- Analyze and refine

Use linkedin analytics tool to measure engagement ratio, amplification ratio, measure lead generation and track conversion reports. refine your strategy and repeat


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