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5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Impact Growth Hacking

Nowadays more than 50% of searches are on mobile, 91% of Facebook use (daily active users) is on mobile, and 80% of Facebook advertising revenue is on mobile.

Rodrigo Silva

Is your Inbound Marketing strategy generating the right content?

Identifying your buyer personas, keywords, and developing a SEO strategy are essential steps to having a solid content strategy in Inbound Marketing. But, what about the content?

INBOUND MARKETING: connecting with your prospects

Believe it or not, despite the fact that are 7,737 billion active accounts in the world’s ten most popular social networks, phone calls are still is the best sales channel.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Tactics To Increase Revenue

One of the best things about Inbound Marketing is that it never leaves you alone. This isn’t a magical software that you have to assemble and figure out how to operate it by yourself, but a constant ...



If your business needs to make too much efforts to close a sale and spend whole days looking for how to best optimize efforts, you need to pay attention to these tips.


Your blog: is it inbound ready or not?

Everybody likes your company's blog, but your sales haven’t improved yet? Probably it’s because your content strategy is not aligned with your sales goals. In other words, your blog is not inbound ...

Content marketing trends for your 2017 lead generation strategy

Do you remember the Golden Snitch? That tricky, annoying, and super fast little flying ball that Harry Potter had to catch to win a Quidditch game? Well, customers are like Golden Snitch balls.

Inbound Marketing for Saas Companies: Who Does it well?

Yes, it really works. Hundreds of companies around the globe have experienced the benefits of Inbound Marketing tools, strategies and solutions to achieve their business goals. The results in the ...

Learn inbound sales with these 3 impressive success stories

Inbound is not just marketing. Neither is it just sales. It is the method that helps your company assure sustainable and solid growth, because its based on building a strong long-term relationship ...

15 inbound marketing automation statistics that will amaze you

“Show me the ROI!”, seems to be current phrase that summarizes what global markets demand of marketing strategies, and until some years ago it wasn’t easy for marketing to show concrete results of ...

5 marketing automation benefits that your company will love

“Hey! We have a lot of new leads this week!”, Chris - an enthusiastic sales manager at a Saas company - could easily say if his company is using an Inbound Marketing strategy.