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Design Engaging Images For Your Social Media Posts

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Design Engaging Images For Your Social Media Posts

What once seemed to be such a time consuming task has now been made easier, more convenient and down right easy thanks to Pablo by Buffer. To design engaging images for your social media posts is now possible with an easy and free designing tool. You are now able to create and share images for social media networks with a text overlay in just 30 seconds.  It's time to generate social graphics! Great news for content marketing. It's time to start playing. Whoop whoop. 

Did you know that...

Tweets with image links get 2x the engagement rate of those without.

and that..

Posts on facebook with photos  get 39% more interaction.

Now, with this in mind, Pablo by buffer gives you a great chance to start posting images with text overlays onto your social media, and in turn get ready to see an increase in your engagement rate, if your fans and followers are enjoying what you are posting of course. 

Pablo is easy tool to use and to add to that, it is also free and does not require you to have a Buffer account. All you need to do is log on to the website, and start creating. You have the option to post straight to facebook or twitter directly, or download the image onto your computer, and use it elsewhere. If you want to, Pablo also gives you the option to log in with your twitter or facebook account. So 3 options, all easier than the other to get you started with this super cool tool.  Here is a look at their homepage.

Pablo by Buffer

As you can see, it is clear cut, simple and very easy to use. You have the choice of using the preset images provided by Pablo, or you can upload your own .jpg or .png photo of choice. You then type in the text you want to appear on the overlay, choose and the font, color, size and background and then tadaaaaaaaa, you are done and ready to publish. You also are lucky enough to have a preview on the right side of the screen for you to check and verify your image before you publish or download. 

Honestly speaking, coming from someone who spends a lot of time online creating content, this is one of the best tools that has been created, in my humble opinion. So a very big shout out and thank you to Pablo by Buffer. Gracias :-)

Adding a little spice to this great piece of news, you can get very creative on how to use Pablo. It does not merely need to be an image with a quote or simple text on it, you can go as far as creating invitations, memes, call to actions, ads for items for sale, jokes, and the list goes on and on and on..... Here are few samples of what you can do with Pablo..

Ad using Pablo by Buffer

Pretty cool hey! What you can do with this tool is endless, so if you are into content marketing, or email marketing or Inbound marketing, log on and start creating.

I would love to hear your feedback on this tool, so please do so by leaving a comment below. To add to that, if you like what you have just read and found it useful, pay it forward and send to a friend.

Enjoy the rest of the day :-)

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