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Disrupting Sales Processes with Inbound Marketing Methods

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Let’s pay attention to this phrase: Sell the way people buy.

But, what exactly does Inbound Sales mean ?

I used to be a sales rep in a company. It was this place where things worked on the basis of a popular business model, as we all know, that's when you start earning money commissions based on how much you are capable of selling; that basic rule. I remember those days when my superior a.k.a Director of Sales department or the CEO of the company were always saying these kinds of things ...

Dress well, you need to dress formally according to the occasion, and ... Pay attention to the clear rejections. If a person gives you a "no" direct response to your offer, then you can just say ‘’thank you for your time’’, smile and go to the next door. It makes no sense to put more pressure on that person.

One good thing was that if you applied enough “pressure” just pushing and pulling a little bit more, then you actually had some results, because at some point, someone gave up. I remember that infamous world in my head, it was like a microchip implanted in my brain, because I was thinking about the whole strategy being wrong, although I was always looking to take care of quantity over quality, where making money was more important than providing real value. Fortunately today, this is a very old routine with obsolete arguments. The sales process doesn’t work like that anymore.

I’m not writing about forgetting margins, because let’s face it, we’re living in a world where money speaks, but in fact, those kind of advices are exactly the ones that most millennials don’t care about at all. Nobody will handle annoying interruptions anymore. Buyers have more information available to them, and higher expectations for a relevant, personal experience when taking decisions to make a purchase. We understand now more than ever that everything depends on the context, and the context is NOT our perception, it’s the buyer’s, and from that point forward we should deliver whatever content or message we want to send.

What’s happening right now in front of our eyes, is one of the biggest culture shifts of all times.

To sell is human

Inbound Sales is about giving buyers a relevant, personal, delightful experience that is driven by their needs and happens on their timeline. You no longer need to spend the whole day cold calling everyone, nowadays the buyer has the power of research, and can find any kind of information necessary to help them in the buying decision. The Inbound sales approach is very buyer centric, so you can tailor the way you introduce or present what you have to offer to your audience. The main idea is to align marketing and sales so both areas seek the same goals.

"Inbound is not about the width of your pocket, it is about the width of your brain" Brian Halligan

With Inbound Marketing you start with the people who actually need your help, because they have already told you they might need your help soon, How? Reading your blogs, downloading your eBooks, etc.. They will find you through their favorite search engine or social media channel. 

And once they've come to you, the right way to start is to talk about their specific goals and challenges, and not about your elevator pitch.

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Digital Selling

SEO and SMO specialists understand and trust the conversion process because they’ve been established, and at the end of the day we’re all battling to create the moment to sell something, so... whether you’re hardcore in maths, or quants statistical methods, or if you’re trying to build the brand from scratch, you need to embrace this new Inbound approach. A lot of people reading this article really understand the current state of the internet, because you’ve figured out conversion, but there’s something we need to invest a good amount of time on, and this is “Lifetime Value”.

Are we really understanding the importance of the content we’re promoting for audiences and their benefits in the long term?

Have you started selling the way the world buy in 2016?

Lead Generation using Social Media

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