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Email Marketing Checklist

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Email Marketing Checklist

Email marketing still remains the best digital channel for engaging your customers. According to Direct Marketing Association Email marketing ROI is 4,300%. If done properly E-mail marketing represents an opportunity to increase customer loyalty, boost conversion percentages and increase in repeat customers, generate more qualified referrals and maximize sales opportunities.

Here is an email marketing checklist you can refer to when creating your next email campaign:

  1. Make sure you have explicit permission to send e-mail campaigns to your list. [Tweet this]
  2. Define a clear campaign objective. [Tweet this
  3. Make sure that the From address clearly identifies your business identity. [Tweet this
  4. Make sure that the email subject line prompts your audience to open your e-mail. [Tweet this
  5. Keep your email subject line to 50 characters or less if possible. [Tweet this
  6. Keep email headlines short, clear, and concise. [Tweet this
  7. Make sure that your e-mail contains a strong call to action. [Tweet this
  8. My images help to tell the story of my e-mail. [Tweet this
  9. Your e-mail has white space that makes the text easy to read. [Tweet this
  10. Your e-mail content is valuable enough to save or share. [Tweet this
  11. Your e-mail contains an offer that is valuable to your audience. [Tweet this
  12. Check all links to make sure they work properly. [Tweet this
  13. Be prepared to handle inbound responses. [Tweet this
  14. Send your email at a time when your audience is likely to notice. [Tweet this
  15. For personalized emails make sure that all dynamic content and personalization fields are filled or alternatives presented. [Tweet this
  16. Make sure your email is optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. [Tweet this
  17. Make sure that a link to view the email online is included. [Tweet this
  18. Use Social Share Buttons In your email campaign. [Tweet this
  19. Use Alt-text for all images in your email campaign. [Tweet this
  20. Make sure that your email is free of spelling, grammar or information errors? [Tweet this

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