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Integrating e-commerce with HubSpot

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“I want it perfect, I want it cheap and I want it yesterday”. Product managers, marketing and sales teams are usually exposed to these kind of requests, especially when graphic material is needed to be printed for a marketing campaign or an important event. The rise of digital media has replaced the need for marketing collaterals to be printed. Businesses print less. Email marketing has replaced direct mail. PDF's have replaced printed brochures and catalogs. Apps on smart devices have replaced the use of menu's in restaurants. And the list goes on, and on.

In this context printing companies are facing a tremendous challenge of competing with one another in a shrinking market. realized that they can't afford to compete only by slashing prices, but they need to automate their processes, from receiving an order, to fullfilment to make the process faster, with less overheads, and an enjoyable experience to their customers, as well as using Inbound marketing tactics to attract and delight their customers.


How can a local printing company get the visibility needed to grow and expand customer base? How can they offer better printing solutions, or a better printing experience? How can they engage with clients and create a long-term relationship with customers, in a market where there are a lot of competitors offering similar solutions?

Let’s take a look at, a Santiago Chile-based printing company that is very client-oriented, and capable to answer almost every client requirement. is an ecommerce online printing platform, that has a 24/7 web platform, through which they offer a 48hours express print service, which is offered for free if they are unable to fulfill the request within the time period, in addition to free graphic design if needed.

THE CHALLENGE needed to develop a strategy to stand out in the market as a client-oriented company, maximizing their resources in order to constantly improve client experience, and grow a reputation in this regard. Prior to joining forces with IDS agency, generated traffic to the website, solely through the use of google adwords. This resulted in zero-traffic days when the google adwords were not running. In addition to that, had traffic, with very little lead conversion. 


An Inbound Marketing strategy appeared as the right thing to developed an in-house e-commerce ordering platform, and an ERP system which were both integrated with Hubspot. Working with IDS Agency, the following was developed:

Integration of e-commerce contacts database with HubSpot

A client who adds items to the shopping cart, and then leaves it without cheking out is not a lost client anymore. Through Hubspot API, Hubspot workflows and webhooks, developed a Cart Abandonment Workflow which enrolls these clients in a drip email campaign - emailing them 4 times over 5 days offering them help and advice to complete their order, offering them free graphic design if needed, followed by a personalized discount coupon to give them the last needed push to complete the order. 

Weekly promotions

Benefits or discounts valid for one day only, every week. These campaigns are promoted through social media and email marketing to reach as many people as possible. A landing page was created in Hubspot, and promoted via email campaigns and social media. Using Hubspot API and workflows, every time a contact fills in the landing page form, the workflow triggers a webhook that sends a request to the ecommerce platform to generate a personalized discount code to be used with their orders. Using HubSpot Forms API the webhook submits a Hubspot form with contact information such as; name, email and the generated discount code. Once the form is submitted HubSpot workflow emails the contact their personalized discount code. 

Monthly campaigns

We created “Print Friday”, a monthly campaign that offers a scaled promotion. It starts with 40% discount on all orders and every 3 hours the discount rate drops to 30, 20, and 10 respectively.

To do this we created 4 different forms on HubSpot, one for each discount value, we added programming code to embed one for the 4 forms onto the page based on the time of the day. We created a Hubspot workflow that checks which form has been submitted, and baed on that it fires a webhook request to the ecommerce application to generate a personalized discount code and emails it to the contact.

Also we have created 4 HubSpot workflows. Each of the workflows runs at the end of the discount time frame, and triggers a webhook request to void the generated coupons when they expire. So for example, a client receives a discount code for 40% that is valid till 12 PM. We created a workflow that runs at 12 PM to void all 40% discount coupons that were generated that day.

Pre-press and proof email Approval

When POS receives a file from a client, the company uses a program to do the pre-press process check and creates a PDF file, which needs to be approved by the client prior to printing. The pre-press software uploads the file to Dropbox. We integrated this process with HubSpot using Zapier. We created a Zap which is triggered when a new file is uploaded to the Dropbox folder. The file name has the following format . The zap triggers a webhook and sends a request including the filename and the link to download the file. The webhook parses the filename to grab the customer email, and using the HubSpot forms API it submits a form with the parsed email address, and a link to download the file. We also created a HubSpot workflow that automatically starts whenever the mentioned form is submitted, and sends an email to the customer with the link to view the file and approve it.


246% increase in leads.

24% increase in abandoned cart reconversion - using workflows.

30% of the contacts came from social media.

50% increase in traffic through social media, organic search, and email marketing.



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