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How to Generate More Leads Using The Bandwagon Effect

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How to Generate More Leads Using The Bandwagon Effect

The definition of the ’Bandwagon Effect' is: A psychological phenomenon whereby people do something primarily because other people are doing it, regardless of their own beliefs, which they may ignore or override. The bandwagon effect has wide implications, but is commonly seen in politics and consumer behavior.

The phrase “jump on the bandwagon” has been traced back to a 19th-century famous circus clown named Dan Rice. In 1848, Rice set off on his circus’ bandwagon to start a political-campaign tour. As the campaign grew stronger and more popular, more politicians wanted to share a piece of his success and tried to gain a seat on the wagon. By the time of William Jennings Bryan’s 1900 presidential campaign, using bandwagons had become the political norm, and the term was commonly used to refer to people who voted based on a candidate’s popularity.

Because it’s a natural tendency for humans to copy one another, even without realizing it shows that humans like to be a part of tribes and social communities. They like to belong to a group - or atleast feel they belong to a group. It is very common that when humans notice their social circle is doing one thing, they tend to follow suit. This is the bandwagon effect. This can work to your advantage if you use it effcetively in your content marketing strategy. It is a great way to generate sales via your website. With more and more people spending long hours on social media, the necessity to understand and harness the power of social influence is essential for online marketers. Use the bandwagon effect to generate more leads to your business, sell more, increase revenue, and make more money. 

Here are a few useful methods on how to use the bandwagon effect to generate more leads -  lure customers into jumping onto your bandwagon:

1. Why use user reviews and ratings?
The first thing online users do nowadays when deciding who product to buy, or which hotel to stay in, or which company to rent a car with, or or or is read other user reviews and check the ratings. Consumers are bored of hearing sales talk about how wonderful each company product is, What they do want to know is the reality - tried and tested. What are other people saying about your product? Michael Beck, Marketing Consultant and Sr. Manager at Chicago Sun-Times said: “There are several great applications where the bandwagon effect plays a role.” In eCommerce, reviews and ratings can have a significant influence on conversion. A 5 star review by itself means nothing, but an average 4/5 stars from 1000 reviewers can easily sway a purchase decision.

2. The proof in numbers
When possible, a great way to indicate how awesome a product is to mention the number of people who have purchased, shared, rated, downloaded, signed up, reviewed, etc... Give your users the ability to see the number of likes, shares, tweets, follows, +1'd taking place. When users see others doing, guess what - they will jump onto that gold old bandwagon again. It works wonders.

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3. The use of statistics to assure customers
Still on the notion of proof in numbers, displaying statistics comes in at the top on establishing credibility. It will also provide users with assurance that your product is the one for them. Do highlight the number of people using your services, the number of clients you have, or how many products you have sold in the past. The reason to do this is to illustrate your potential customers that your product is worth their time, trust, and money. If you manage to do that they will jump onto your bandwagon.

4. How to use influencer endorsements to generate more leads
Who has said what about your product? Are the "in" people talking about it, commenting on it, recommending it, questioning it? Are influencers endorsing your product? Nothing beats the social influence that comes with an influencer, or trendsetter, or expert say something positive about your product. So if your product has ever received an endorsement from an influencer, or trendsetter, or expert be inform the whole world about. Make it clear on your website. Make it obvious. This will lead to that very same moment again - people jumping onto your bandwagon.

With all of the above methods, make sure your claims are not only true, but believable. I would love to hear your experiences on using the bangwagon in your content marketing strategies. How to generate more leads using the bandwagon effect - did it work? What were the results? Was it what you expected? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Enjoy the day.


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