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How To Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

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LinkedIn company page best practices

LinkedIn has more than 347 million users, and over 4 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages. It is considered the largest professional network in the world, is also knows as 

Companies use LinkedIn for b2b lead generation, promote themselves, establish connections, build relationships, recruit top candidates, showcase their culture and demonstrate their expertise. 

A LinkedIn company page with constant compelling content and status updates, can:

  • Help LinkedIn users to learn about your brand, products, services, skills of your employees and job opportunities
  • Be a great way to establish your reputation as an industry expert
  • Helps drive traffic to your site
  • Promote your content offers, products and services
Below are the LinkedIn best practices steps to take in order to improve your LinkedIn company page, and start experiencing the benefits.

Step 1: Create a Showcase Page

linkedin best practices

Cisco's Internet of things Showcase Page

If you have more than one product or brand, then it is a good idea to create a show case page for each brand. For example if your company own and manages two hotels, then you will create a company page for your business and a showcase page for each of the hotels.

Showcase Pages are dedicated pages that allow companies to highlight different aspects of their business and build relationships with the right community. Whether it’s a brand, a business unit, or an initiative, those who follow a Showcase Page are provided with updates they are most interested in.

If you’re a Company Page administrator, you can easily create your company’s own Showcase Page. First, identify the business areas of your company that need a Showcase Page. Then go to the “Edit” dropdown menu and select “Create a Showcase Page.” Once created, you can start sharing content from your page. You will also be able to monitor the performance of your Showcase Page through the analytic tools.  

Step 2: Use Images to Increase Engagement

best linkedin company pages practices

Shutterstock LinkedIn Company Page

Since 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco), using infographics and images in your status updates, will definitely enhance your visitors experience, and boost your visability as users are more likely to consume and share your content with their connections.

The LinkedIn company page or the showcase page can display three types of images for visual social marketing; home page image, standard logo, and square logo. These images are a powerful way to visually brand your page.

Download your Free Social Media Cover Photos Template

Step 3: Short, Simple, and Snappy updates to Increase Click-throughs


Click to view Blueprint for the perfect LinkedIn status update Infographic

Keep it simple, post updates that includes a simple title and an interesting image along with a short intro that acts like a brief description, but it has to be exciting enough for the user to click on to engage. Always make your posts easy for the reader to digest.

Step 4: Engage Your Followers

Engage your followers with compelling content. Your followers can be a powerful channel to help spread the word about your company across their LinkedIn network.

Share high-quality, relevant content to get them talking about you and drive new business to your door.

Prompt your colleagues, employees and followers to take action on your posts – every like, comment, and share increases your reach throughout the LinkedIn network.

For example, you could share an inspiring quote and ask viewers to “like” the post if they agree, or even share their own favorite quotes. Engage with followers who comment on your updates to help build loyalty, continue the conversation, and further establish your thought leadership. People like to know that they’re being heard!

Step 5: Sponsor Your Best Content to Reach Your Target Audience


LinkedIn updates is a great way for companies to reach their  target audience. Use Sponsored updates to increase lead generation, since posting and sharing content to your followers is one thing, but in order to grow your business, you need to consistently generate new qualified leads. LinkedIn Sponsored updates will help to deliver your content to the thousands of viewers you want them to see your content.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Social Media Prospecting

Step 6: Create a careers tab


80% of professionals are open to job opportunities, but only 20% are actively looking. This careers tab is a way for companies to interact with millions of passive and active job seekers on LinkedIn. The Careers tab requires a paid subscription by the company.

Automatically target the most relevant candidates using LinkedIn's matching algorithms and profile data. Posting your job opening on LinkedIn leverages the power of our data combined with the social reach of our professional network.

LinkedIn provides the ultimate talent pool to source the best candidates for your hiring needs. With Linkedin, job posts are more relevant, personalized and targeted.

Step 7: Add a Follow Button on Your WebSite

A follow us button that connects users to LinkedIn when placed on your website, blog and email signature can help grow your LinkedIn company page followers.  You can use this LinkedIn tool to generate the code for your own LinkedIn company page follow button to use.

LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to connect with the world largest network of professionals, and it has a set of great and constantly evolving tools and features to get in front of professionals to engage,  convert them to new customers, and delight existing customers.

Is your LinkedIn company page optimized? I would love to hear your thoughts!






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