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HubSpot Inbound Sales expert calls to align marketing & sales in Chile

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hubspot inbound sales marketing chile

José Martins, Senior HubSpot Inbound Marketing Specialist, kicked off the seminar “Spam Calling is Dead,” held by the Santiago HubSpot User Group (HUG) and Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, with over a hundred marketing and sales representatives to check the main digital marketing trends in Chile. 

Following Design Expert Austin Knight's conference in December 2016, Martins explained that digital marketing “has dramatically changed the way people buy.” However, “we have seen this just from a marketing lens (…) This has to change.”

 “It is critical for this process to include sales, which has been away from this process of transformation (…)The way we’ve sold so far has relied so much in spam calling, cold calling, pitching, a generic approach to customers in the market, here the rule of thumb is quantity, quantity and more quantity”.

“That’s why you have to run 100 calls a day to reach 2 people. It’s exhausting”.

Sales have changed. Today, “if a person goes shopping that person is highly informed of what they want, and looks for an advisor to continue the process”, Martins Says.

 “This generates certain challenges to sales teams. One of the hardest challenges for salespeople is to be in touch with customers, who want to get informed in other ways”.

“Sales people don’t have enough data to reach the customers to have a successful two-way sales process”.

Salespeople have a hard time responding quickly in terms of prospect management and lead nurturing.

 How to start aligning marketing and sales

The HubSpot Inbound Sales expert stressed the level of disconnect between the marketing and sales process. “How is the sales team using the content as leverage to sell more? It’s simply not happening”.

hubspot inbound sales marketing chile

 “Content itself for lead generation doesn’t make sense, if it doesn’t get you to the end, to closing a sale”.

  • Less than 10’% of marketing produced content is used by sales.
  • 2% of cold calls end in an appointment.
  • But sales reps created content is used in 61% if won deals.

What to do?

First, marketing and sales have to look as they’re part of the same team. They look like two individual entities, where suddenly there is a transition between leads, and marketing grabs one stage of the funnel, and another stage of the funnel is given to sales."

"At the end, each one does their own job individually. Aligning marketing and sales will contribute to the growth of the company."

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How is your company aligning marketing and sales? What information do they give each other?

Ranya Barakat

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