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Is your Inbound Marketing strategy generating the right content?

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Content ideas for an effective Inbound Marketing strategy

Identifying your buyer personas, keywords, and developing a SEO strategy are essential steps to having a solid content strategy in Inbound Marketing. But, what about the content?Writing remarkable content is not only a matter of using the right keywords or having perfectly optimized blogs, because there are hundreds and even thousands of other brands doing exactly the same thing; implementing successful Inbound Marketing strategies too. So, is how your brand going to stand out in this ocean? In other words. What is your brand doing to offer content that provoke this reaction...


According to our experience, the quality of your blogs will truly help your brand be recognized and valued by the prospects that you’re looking for. When we talk about the quality of a piece of content we think about the following features:


When people look for content online, they need fresh, recent, relevant information about the topic that they’re trying to solve. Information is useful when it’s new, otherwise it becomes a part of history.
It’s true that many times we write about trends, challenges, keys, and the importance of… But it’s all about the current state of these issues, not what the market has already left behind.      


This could sound too obvious, but you can't imagine the number of blogs that I’ve read related to small and specific topics, or personal appreciation about uncountable different topics. It could be very interesting in some cases, but what the prospects are looking for on the web is information about important issues, the kind of themes that are affecting not only their own company, but the whole industry.

For example, why consumers are no longer purchasing in the same manner that they used to a couple of years ago, or why many companies or brands have been left in total oblivion by their former “loyal” customers.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is currently going on in our industry?
  • Do we need to change our business model to survive?
  • Should we adapt our product and services according to new technologies?
  • What would be the cost of that?

Basically, prospects are looking for answer for to those questions, and other similar ones. In order to know what their main concerns are, reading and analyzing their comments at the end of your blogs is a good way to do so.


If your blogs talk about new and relevant topics, you’re on the right track. But your content offers also must to be related to what’s going on in your buyer persona’s industry, in the markets where they already have business, or where they want to be. For example, if your buyer personas are focused on Latin America, maybe you could write about the latest marketing trends in Europe.


Your brand should talk about different things than your competitors. Think about being unique, special, standing out of the crowd. In journalism, there is this very popular explanation about what singularity is: "Do not write when the dog bites the master, do it when the master bites the dog".


People usually tend to be interested in popular people. It is what companies like Apple and Microsoft have been doing with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Those brands have used them as technology icons, as the voice and soul of each brand, and many pieces of contents have been powered by their names and faces.
If your brand is related to a popular person -positively valued by the audience, or course!- your content strategy can be improved if you put a face to your brand.  

As some of you have noticed, these content features are exactly the same essential features of what worldwide Journalism defines as “news”. Journalists have mastered the art of telling stories under the pressure of the ticking clock for decades.

<That’s why it’s a good source of tips and advice when your brand need to create remarkable content that has to captivate the elusive interest of prospects.

Which other key features do you identify in blogs that really catch the attention of the crowd?

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