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Austin Knights speaking about the latest UX trends

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Austin KnightOn Tuesday, December 6th, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez along with IDS Agency organized the 3rd Santiago Hug User Group in Chile this year which hosted Austin Knight, UX expert from Hubspotwho talked about the results and steps that can be attained by merging Inbound Marketing with a good user experience in a meet up held at the Centro de Experiencias y Servicios of the UAI.

This Santiago Hug #stgohug had marketing professionals, students, academics and Inbound experts in its audience in a full auditorium. Knight not only introduced Inbound Marketing to a broader audience, but he also showed a new approach to UX using the latest trends in digital marketing focusing on the human trends that go over design based in the traditional ways.

One of the main points he showed was the radical change in how user experience is developed in web design. With this methodology, the whole experience is based on what the user will need and what their problems are, instead of having the website as a display trying to constantly show the products and its benefits as a display, opening a road for a website in constant evolution based on the user needs and which, because of this, requires constant changes, evaluations and redesign, making it never-ending work that pays off.

But one of the most important things was to know what attendees, who are getting to know this new methodology, thought about it thanks to the Santiago Hug presentations.

Álvaro Torrens - Agencia Radical

Alvaro Torrens Radical

"I liked it a lot. It made me rethink the methodologies we use in the agency. It helped me start thinking how we can improve our processes.

We develop a lot of websites and we know how clients want to see their products finished before going public. Austin talked about the methodology of launching, evaluate, launch, evaluate and so forth, which is a good system that is applicable to what we do in the agency.

Having Austin was great. Being able to listen to someone who had to go through all that, being self-taught and everything was very useful to know how things are being done outside”.

Macarena Barriga - Periodista

Macarena Barriga Periodista
"I found it very interesting, most of all how important content is and how useful it is to engage your public. The ways content can build strategies and be the foundation of it all.

I had no idea what Inbound was and I thought it was interesting. I’m hoping we can apply it in the way we work every day in the agency. I thought everything was very interesting, it was a complete presentation and it helps us, the ones who work in marketing, to broaden our knowledge”.

Jorge Vergara -

Jorge Vergara Trabajando
"Having an international speaker was appreciated, because we’re all used to having the same speakers all the time in different subjects, but having someone like Austin in Santiago just for the will of doing something better for the marketing community was very relevant for us.

I had no idea what Inbound was before knowing I had to come here, but it caught my attention that it is a derivative methodology, it isn’t disruptive and it doesn’t plan to change it all coming out of nowhere, it is the natural evolution of what was already happening, which I figured out from what Austin exposed”.

To know more about the next Santiago Hubspot User Group #stgohug meetup, visit the website, follow the #stgohug on twitter or instragram or facebook, or join the linkedin group.

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