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Web Design Trends 2015

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Web Design Trends 2015

New year, new trends, new visuals, new fonts, new styles.

Here are the top web design trends 2015 and their meanings, that you may just be hearing time and time again throughout 2015, regarding Web Design.

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  • Flexible Typography: Because content is king, this emphasis on typography should come as no suprise, and it’s a philosophy that isn’t going anywhere. 
  • Responsive Web Design: Responsive design is now expected and if your site isn’t responsive, you need a redesign to accommodate to all the different screens and devices.
  • Flat Design: Flat design is less clunky and much easier for a web server to deliver to devices like mobile phones and tablets.
  • Webgraphics: Webgraphics is an interactive infographic that contains code instead of static images. It’s the newest trend that conveys information.
  • Ghost Buttons: Ghost Buttons have a practical application in that they are the best option for calls to action being implemented over top of large background images and video. 
  • Large Images: Capture your user’s attention by being purely aesthetic. A prominently displayed tag line and ghost button call to action over top of a powerful and elegant image can really set your site apart. 

With the new year ahead of you, make it a point to evaluate your current website, and look for elements that need enhancement.  

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Ranya Barakat

Ranya Barakat

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