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What To Look For In A Great Community Manager

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What To Look For In A Great Community Manager

As a business owner you most probably have either recruited 1, or several Community Managers, or you are in the process of looking to recruit someone. A lot of the time people ask me what exactly a Community Manager does, and what personality traits they should have. Here are some key elements I see as crucial when it comes to looking for the right personality to fill this job for your business.

Great Communication: Managing the conversation on social media is not an easy task if you do not have the right communication / social skills. You want to recruit someone who can deliver your brand message in fewer than 140 characters, knows how to ping pong, strengthen, or end a conversation with others, respects opinions that are different than their own, and who can handle being challenged while maintaining their cool. This is essential because occasionally some online conversations may turn not so pretty - oh so pretty. This can often lead to inflamed, passionate and angry exchanges taking place between different community members. Your recruit must be able to calm things down, mediate and bring any conflicts to a resolution between customers.

Passionate: The core responsibility of you new recruit is to promote your brand, breathe your brand, live your brand, represent your brand, show off your brand, your brand, your brand and your brand again. This is very hard to do if the person isn’t passionate about it. There is no point trying to convince your Community Manager to enjoy your product, because if it doesn't come from the heart, it wont come at all. Passion is not something one can learn. It is either they have it or they don’t, and to have it they must genuinely believe in your product. There is no point getting a vegan to manage a butchers online community :-)

Ego Free: You want your new recruit to promote your brand, not themselves. A suitable fit for your company is someone who is able to participate in an online conversation without being self involved. The conversation always needs to be about your brand. Always. Remember though, that it essential that your recruit does not promote your brand using boring text book, business terms that they have learnt or memorised off a script. No one wants to read that anymore. They need to master how to promote your brand, using their social personality, while communicating with hundreds, if not thousands of people.

Social Butterfly: When you’re looking for a recruit to fill this position, you want someone who is often described as a social butterfly, because for butterflies conversation isn’t a job, but rather a personality - a way of life. You want someone who has the ability to let their social personality shine through while engaging with customers online, yet maintaining the voice of your brand. You want someone who loves to communicate with people, and can do it at east. You want someone who is popular, quick, fun, and that people enjoy to “be with”.

Creative: Not only will your new recruit represent your brand by responding, engaging and conversing with your online community, but they will also need to post / create content. This content must reflect your brand, and needs to be very creative so people engage with it. Content varies from blog posts, memes, videos, questions, presentations, downloadable content, shareable content, jokes, hot topics, industry related information, surveys and more. The list of potential content is endless, and if your recruit is not creative and good at this, it will be reflected in the tone of the conversation and in your engagement / conversion rate.

Business Savvy: This job is purely an Inbound Marketing or smarketing position that takes part in lead generation, brand awareness, customer service, and customer delight. This means that your current or new recruit needs to be business savvy, and understand how it works so that they can respond or create appropriate content that is beneficial to the business.

Round-the-Clock Mentality: You want to hire someone who has a round-the-clock mentality. Someone who has online access 24/7 and actually enjoys it. Remember that online communities don't have closing hours, which means it is almost as if your business never closes. Comments, questions, requests, concerns, feedback etc.. must be responded to immediately online. It cant wait for later or for official working hours.

Helpful: Your customers, website visitors, competitors etc.. will get in touch with your brand via the social media platforms you choose to use. Whether it’s a quick answer they need, a complaint to make, a purchase request, or a suggestion, you need someone who is helpful and enjoys to help. This will ensure that the job is done from the heart, which always makes it a good one.

This might sound overwhelming and difficult to find, but believe me, if you look deep enough and know what you are looking for, it is possible. If you would like more advise on how to manage or find a good Community Manager, or if you would like to outsource this task to an Inbound Marketing Agency like ours, please do get in touch by booking your free assessment. I am here to help you in any way that I can.


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