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Our service works with all major CRM and Marketing Automation platforms, including Salesforce, Marketo, Zoho, and Hubspot. We can help you start migrating your data today instead of taking weeks or months.

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Get your CRM data migrated fast

We know that you want to fully migrate to HubSpot and set up your team for success. To do that, you need to quickly and easily migrate your CRM or marketing automation data.

The problem is you need all your historical data so your team can do their job; if you don't know what you're doing, this can be a stressful, time-consuming process.

We believe losing valuable customer engagement data will negatively impact your team's performance.  

We have helped hundreds of companies with migration projects before to make it easier than ever to move your CRM data fast!

Here's how we do it:

  • Build a data migration strategy
  • Data cleanup and mapping
  • Full data migration and delta syncs
  • Onboarding and training your teams

Is your HubSpot migration project making you think:

  • I don't have the resources to do this
  • I don't want to dump my dirty data into my new CRM
  • I am afraid to lose or have outdated or messy data
  • I am running out of time, and my current CRM license will expire soon
  • It seems too complicated, so it's better to stay as we are now
  • I don't know the best practices to migrate data to new CRM

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4 Steps to migrate to HubSpot


1 - Data Migration Strategy

We audit, analyze your current CRM or marketing automation platform and create a data migration strategy. That identifies the data objects and properties and other assets like tasks, products, emails, etc., to migrate from your old system to HubSpot.

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2 - Data Cleanup & Mapping

We create a detailed mapping document to identify each source data point and map it to HubSpot properties.

In this step, we will clean up dirty data in your old CRM or marketing automation, as moving this data into your new HubSpot will create some issues in the future. For example, we can clean up contacts with invalid emails, duplicate companies, unused data properties, etc.

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3 - Data Migration

In this step, we set up your new HubSpot data properties and any custom objects needed. Create all assets such as lists, forms, automation workflows, etc. In addition to building or connecting any external systems connected to your old CRM or Marketing automation system to HubSpot. Run the migration, which can take anything from hours to few days based on the volume of data we are migrating.

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4 - Training & Onboarding

We offer a fast-track onboarding process that will help you and your team get trained on HubSpot in 30 days, after which we provide you with ongoing weekly support calls for three months. Our goal is to help you start getting value from the investment as soon as possible.

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What our customer's say about us

Tod Cole VP Operations X1

We had the privilege of working with IDS Agency to assist us with a double/triple migration. We were coming off of Marketo as our marketing platform, Salesforce as our CRM and support platform, and migrating our eCommerce platform which tied into both of those.

Our timespans for some of the migrations were incredibly short, but IDS was able to jump in quickly and get everything done. We had been using our old systems for over a decade, but IDS was still able to find and migrate all of our data without missing anything. Our teams were so happy to be on the modern and user-friendly HubSpot platform, in no small part to the great individualized training and onboarding that IDS provided them.

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How much does a CRM or Marketing Automation migration cost?

Pricing depends on how many objects and records you want to migrate; we will connect our tool to your CRM to give you an accurate costing

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We have answers to your questions...

We can help you migrate from your CRM or marketing automation platform to HubSpot in 4 to 6 weeks, in some cases it can be done sooner. In step 1 of the project, we will create a data migration strategy we will scope the volume and size of data and estimate the time needed for a full migration.

We need to meet with the people who have a stake in the CRM project. For example, we will meet with team members from sales, marketing, and support. That way, we can understand each team's requirements for the CRM project.

You can continue using your CRM or marketing automation tool while we are doing a complete migration, after which we will run a delta migration or partial migrations to sync the modified records since the complete migration started.

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Your HubSpot Migration Guide

Your step-by-step guide to switching your CRM or Marketing Automation to HubSpot.

We understand that migrating to a new CRM or a marketing automation platform can be a stressful experience. We've helped hundreds of companies from around the globe successfully migrate to HubSpot. To help you make the HubSpot migration process more straightforward, we've created this guide to share our learnings and experiences with you.

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Your HubSpot Migration Guide