Startup Growth Package

We help your startup accelerate growth with proven Inbound strategies

Here are the services we provide our startup partners to help accelerate growth and generate demand.


Benchmarking & 90-day plan


Every start-up is unique and that is why to help you reach your growth goal, we start by benchmarking where you are at today by auditing your product data and assets, and analyzing what areas need to be tackled during your upcoming 90-days.


Your Inbound Coach will provide you with a customized 90-day plan, what you need to do and how.


Our audit is a data-driven process which is made up of 2 areas; data analysis, and a survey for your team.


To complete this data analysis we require access to your CRM, google analytics, marketing automation tool, data box, etc…


The survey is sent to your team and we ask for it to be filled in independently.  The information in this survey helps us understand more about your business pains and goals, and if you have an internal alignment.


Buyer Personas 


Buyer personas are your blueprint to plan your growth strategy. You need to know whom you selling to, when and how to communicate with them, and about what, and where.  If you nail, this you will be able to generate more qualified leads, accelerate your sales process, and retain the customers. To help you with this, at ids we have a proven process of persona creation.


It starts with a workshop for your smarketing and customer-facing teams, with the objective of creating a customized survey to be used during the second stage of the process which is research, and an-going manner.


The IDS team compiles the findings from the online research and survey responses (when applicable)  into a buyer persona profile that defines demographics, job/role, desired gains/goals, pains /challenges, and story. Once the persona is documented, it will also be added to and setup in HubSpot.


Value Proposition & Positioning Statement 


It’s one thing to have a great product and i'ts another thing how to position it to your prospects and customers.


As Inbound is a customer-centric experience, to help you communicate with each of your buyer personas in each stage of the buyer journey, we work with your smarketing team in a workshop format on how to create value props and messaging statements that are customer-centric and aligned with the overall customer journey.


Our process consists of 2 interactive workshops, with the objective of; learning how to do it, and creating the write up of the first batch of messages to be used on your marketing, sales and customer retention assets, to help you generate more qualified leads, accelerate your sales process, and retain the customer using the appropriate messaging.


SEO Audit & Pillar Content Strategy

Your bottom line is you want to be generating demand via organic leads ensuring you have the highest quality leads, without the need or dependency on outbound or paid ads for traction and demand.


To help you achieve this IDS will define your pillar content strategy identifying the main topic and sub-topics relevant to one of your buyer persona’s. Our role is to provide you with the pillar brief and the blog outlines for a specific topic cluster.


In addition, if you have an active website, IDS will run a deep technical audit of your website for both on-page and off-page SEO, and identify necessary updates to improve your site’s SEO performance.